January 12th, 2024

‘Unburdening customers of their total needs’

Intermotive’s goals and expectations for 2024 are diverse and ambitious. In this article, Hans Bos reflects on our strong international presence and commitment to the mining and construction sectors. More than just a supplier of vehicles and parts, our focus is on unburdening our customers in Africa, the Middle East, and the Caspian region.

We want to better understand our customers’ total automotive needs even better!

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Deepening customer relationships and market knowledge

This means expanding our offering beyond vehicles and parts to include machinery and generators. We value the interactive relationship with our customers and continue to differentiate ourselves by providing customized solutions. For example, by customizing vehicles to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Expanding the product range

We have a clear intention to expand our product range. In addition to cars and trucks, Intermotive wants to supply mining equipment and parts. The aim is to become part of our customers’ daily operations.

Quality assurance and relief

A key aspect of our strategy is to further reduce the burden on our customers in the broadest sense. This relates to logistics, which is a challenge in our sales areas, and on-site stock management. Training in maintenance and warehousing can also be provided by Intermotive.

Digital communication and face-to-face interaction

We recognize the importance of communication! In 2024, we will continue to strengthen our digital presence. Personal interaction also remains a priority: travel, trade fairs and customer visits. We also use team meetings to maintain customer relationships.

Expanding our international network

As we expand our network, it is important that customers know who we are. Both at headquarters, and in the field. We want to build on the appreciation we get from local visits and our personal approach.

Responding to international developments

We are optimistic about 2024 and have high expectations for the year ahead. Especially given the expected rise in precious metal prices and high oil prices. This bodes well for mining investment and mobility. But we are also aware of our dependence on international developments. 

Intermotive is focusing on broadening our offering, deepening customer relationships, ensuring quality, expanding our international network, and proactively adapting to the dynamic, international market. All this, combined with a high degree of flexibility and customer focus! Would you like to know more about our services? Then contact us.


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