April 5th, 2024

‘They understand what end users need’

Intermotive has a good reputation for providing high-quality services and products to various industries worldwide. In this interview, we shed light on our partnership with Endeavour Mining in Ivory Coast, through the eyes of the Contracts Manager.

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This interview highlights the successful collaboration between Endeavour Mining and Intermotive.

Collaboration with Intermotive

“Personally, I have been working with Intermotive for about a year and a half, specifically for this project. The collaboration allows us to improve our operational efficiency, through their reliable supply of equipment and vehicles.”

Light vehicles and lifting equipment

“Intermotive is our go-to supplier for purchasing equipment, light vehicles and lifting equipment”, he continues. “They handle all of our requests through a central e-mail address, which streamlines communication. We rely on them for the supply of 4x4 vehicles, which are essential to our daily operations.”

Fast and timely delivery

“The fast and timely delivery is remarkable. The vehicles and equipment always work properly flawlessly. Their willingness to visit us when needed shows their commitment to a strong customer relationship. Although that was not necessary for this particular project. I am very satisfied with their services and would definitely choose Intermotive myself.”


“Intermotive is extremely responsive. They respond quickly, whether by email or phone, and are always available to support us. Any after-sales issues are always resolved quickly and effectively. Their approach makes it effortless to work with them.

They think through options and ask specific questions to understand what our end users need.” 

Positive experiences

“Based on our positive experiences, I would definitely recommend Intermotive to other companies. Their reliability, customer focus and flexibility makes them a valuable partner for any project. Working with Intermotive goes beyond just doing business: it is a partnership based on mutual trust and respect.”


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