February 23th, 2024

Specialist in cars for mining

Working in mining conditions is tough on vehicles. Since 1999, Intermotive has specialized in adapting cars for these challenging conditions.

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Our customized services ensure that your cars are efficient, safe, and adapted to the demands of the mining industry.


We apply that customization using various specialized features. These include various forms of safety equipment. ROPS, Roll Over Protection System, protects in case of tipping or over rolling. A bullbar provides additional protection at the front of the vehicle.


We also install winches, for pulling heavy loads in mining conditions. With whippy flags, we improve the visibility of your vehicle, especially in dusty conditions. Work lights are powerful lights for optimal visibility during operations.

Communication and protection

With reflecting striping, we improve the visibility of your vehicle even in low light conditions. HD suspension ensures a smooth ride, even in rough terrain.

Unique challenges

At Intermotive, we understand the unique challenges cars face in the mining industry. Based on our expertise, we can customize your car with the right equipment and protection. This ensures that your cars can withstand the harshest conditions for as long as possible.

Contact us to find out how we can optimize your mining cars for maximum performance and safety.


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