July 5th, 2024

Road trip through Europe in the Intermotive Landcruiser

In the Intermotive Landcruiser on a wild road trip through Europe with participants who feel like family and all for a good cause. That's the perfect combination for our mechanic Thijs Jansen. From 3 to 7 June, he took part in the MegaRun 2024!

Intermotive - Mega Run

This was the fifth year Thijs took part in this barrel run.


The MegaRun is organised every year in June. With about 450 participating vehicles, thousands of kilometres are covered in five days. This is a rough road trip through several European countries without the use of motorways. This year, the route went through the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Each day ends with a party, including performances by various Dutch artists.

One big family

"The MegaRun is something special," says Thijs. "Everyone is in a good mood, having fun and together you drive through the most beautiful landscapes of Europe. With cars at least 15 years old, something always happens along the way. But help is always close. No one is left behind. It feels like one big family!"


"Actually, I had a Fiat Panda ready for this year’s MegaRun. But our sales director Hans suggested we enter Intermotive's new promotional car 'the Landcruiser'. A great opportunity, and after some consultation with the organisation, we were allowed to hit the road! That Fiat Panda? I'll just leave that for next year!"


Thijs: "After several years of driving along, we thought it was time to add an extra challenge. To raise as much money as possible for charity with our ride. Because we have first-hand experience of how hard it is to take care of a disabled child, we are supporting Stichting Mees. This foundation provides development-oriented day care for children with multiple disabilities. In doing so, they relieve the parents of these children."

Donations for Thijs' action can still be made! Click on this link to do your bit. "We appreciate every donation," Thijs said.


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