January 19th, 2024

Innovative and efficient: our new Kardex automated storage system

Although a significant investment, the Kardex solution provides an efficient answer to limited space and our ongoing commitment to better service.

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Smart design

The clever design of rotating drawers and shelves, measuring four metres by eighty centimetres, optimises available space through vertical storage. The integrated lift selects and presents the required shelf, storing a significant amount of stock in a small area.

Laser beam

This efficiency means significant space savings. It also helps reduce errors. A laser beam guides our operator to the exact item to be picked. It is a dust-free process. With this system, we find and pick the right parts faster and more efficiently. This means a direct benefit for our customers. Both in terms of the speed of delivery and the precision of work by mechanics.

Automatic and manually

The cabinets are operated both automatically, via an order from the automation system, and manually. The system switches seamlessly until the order is complete. After the installation in November, we had a short training period. The implementation has been challenging. Every part has been catalogued and stored in the right place: a one-off effort that is already paying off!

Dust-free storage

The importance of dust-free storage and an error-free process is key to Intermotive's services. For example, when serving our markets in Africa. By storing parts in Kardex cabinets, we ensure that they are in optimum condition, free of dust and other contaminants, and that they are delivered correctly.

Core values

Communication and efficiency are core values of Intermotive. This investment in Kardex cabinets is a direct example of our commitment to on-time delivery and quality assurance. This advanced storage system is a good example of how we continuously improve our processes, for ourselves and our customers. With the Kardex cabinets, we are setting new standards in warehouse management and customer satisfaction. Need additional information? Then get in touch with us.


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