March 22nd, 2024

From importing cars to exporting parts

Yanick Broos is doing the opposite of what she was used to. But in an industry where she has a lot of experience! She has been working in our parts department for a few months now: It’s about time she introduces herself in this interview!

Intermotive - Yanick Broos

Yanick tells us about her work at Intermotive, the atmosphere and what she does when she is not working.

Parts dispatch

Yanick Broos: “Since I started at Intermotive in January, I have been responsible for logistics in the parts department. This means that I am responsible for the smooth running of everything related to the dispatch of parts. I make sure that our customers are well-informed and that the orders from the sales department are processed correctly and on time.”

Average working day

“On an average working day, I start by registering orders and preparing paperwork for the warehouse. So that they can check the deliveries. Then I make a new list and pack the parts. When everything is checked and packed, I prepare it for dispatch. I also take care of all the necessary documentation and labels. And I liaise with the customer about the invoice and packing list. I do all this with my colleague. We also help out in the warehouse when needed.”

Variety, atmosphere, and colleagues

Yanick Broos: “I saw the vacancy on Facebook and was immediately interested. I have a lot of experience, including in forwarding. The type of company, the atmosphere and the first impression during the interview were very important to me. From the start, it felt good on both sides. And it was because I really like it here! Thanks to the variety of my work, the friendly atmosphere, and my nice colleagues.”

Import experience

With a background in car importing, the switch to parts and export took some getting used to. Yanick: “It is very different from what I was used to, in fact, the opposite! But that is what makes my job challenging and fun. I want to be as good as possible at what I do. I already knew the logistics terms, of course, but the system here at Intermotive was new to me.”

The ring

Yanick is 37 years old and lives in Oud-Gastel. “We have two children. My husband also has a horse-riding school, so we are always busy. And at weekends we often go to competitions. Our children are nine and eleven years old. Since December, we also have a cottage in Spain, where we spend our holidays. Relaxation is important, but I like to be busy. I’d rather have too little time than too much!

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