April 26th, 2024

Driven to serve: Thijs Jansen

Thijs Jansen has a passion for large equipment. The mechanic specializes in modifying and converting vehicles, especially trucks, telehandlers, and forklift trucks. His recent trip to the Ivory Coast is proof of his expertise, as well as the importance Intermotive attaches to quality and service.

Intermotive - Thijs Jansen

Thijs managed to solve a problem with the soot filter on a telehandler on location, at a mining complex.


With his specialist work, Thijs contributes to our core activities. The vehicles we supply, for example to clients in the mining industry, require a skilled hand and a technical eye for detail. Precisely the qualities Thijs possesses in abundance.


The mechanic’s work is never monotonous, mainly because of the customization we provide. “It has to be right the first time”, says Thijs, who stresses the importance of quality and precision. “Our clients usually work in remote locations: going back to the garage for a minor adjustment is not an option.”

Environmental legislation

Thijs: “This is why our work is always double-checked before it goes on transport to its final destination.” The reason why Thijs recently travelled to the Ivory Coast is complicated in that respect. “That has to do with environmental legislation: in Europe we are required to add AdBlue to engines, in Africa we work with fuel that is difficult to combine with that.”

Sensors & software

AdBlue is a diesel exhaust fluid essential for reducing air pollution. “A telehandler we supplied turned out to have a problem with that combination. Simply put, I managed to bypass the engine’s sensors and software such that the machine was fully operational again after a day's work on site.”

Satisfied client

“Before travelling to the Ivory Coast, I prepared the repair thoroughly”, Thijs continues. “When I arrived on site, I knew exactly which operations had to be carried out. In practice, it turned out exactly as it should.” Much to the client's satisfaction!

Service & after-sales

Thijs: “Our service and after-sales are highly appreciated, that’s what makes us stand out! The client was pleased with my presence and quick and expert solution. Besides the quality of the vehicles, we supply, that service is an important part of our service.” In total, Thijs’ trip to the Ivory Coast took four days.

Clay pigeons & vintage tractors

With years of experience in diesel engines and agricultural mechanization all over the world, Thijs feels he has found his place at Intermotive since 2022. In his private life, as a 37-year-old husband and father, he finds satisfaction in clay pigeon shooting and restoring and driving vintage tractors.

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