February 16th, 2024

Driven to serve: Ben Janssen

As Director Operations at Intermotive, Ben Janssen has been ‘driven to serve’ with good reason since 2006! In this interview, he talks about the journey he and Intermotive’s growing team have taken over those years. Ben has witnessed Intermotive’s resurgence from the front row!

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Ben’s journey has mainly taken him, literally and figuratively, through the mining world of West Africa.

Special start

“The start was special,” Ben begins. “As Intermotive began to grow, a need arose for more management line. I saw my opportunity and came on board. When I started, we were immediately faced with personnel changes. We went through quite a few changes then, but starting in 2006, René Boers and I rebuilt the organization.”

Loyal network built up

With his focus on retaining existing relationships and expanding the customer base, Ben has traveled extensively throughout West Africa. “I spent a lot of time in countries such as Ghana, Mali and Sierra Leone,” he says. “Our solid client base consists mainly of loyal customers who have been with us for eighteen years or more. We have built a network based on good service and listening to our customers’ specific needs.” 

Thinking along in customer needs

Intermotive serves customers around the world, but particularly in West Africa’s mining sector. “Cars are essential tools for this sector,” Ben explains. “But locally they are difficult to obtain. That's where our opportunities lie.” As an organization, Intermotive has grown along with the customer needs. “We started investing in parts and spares,” says Ben. “Large mining companies have different requirements than local mines, and we think about the needs of both.”

Expanding capabilities

But Intermotive’s growth goes beyond cars. “We are looking at opportunities to expand our offerings to trucks and machinery such as forklifts,” says Ben. “The trust we have built with our customers allows us to take this step.” Although Ben has spent a lot of time abroad, his role as Operations Director changed. 

Monitoring internal processes

Ben: “I have transferred many operational tasks to my colleague Hans,” he explains. “My focus is now on monitoring internal processes and anticipating international developments.” Every day brings new challenges for Ben and the Intermotive team. “Achieving stability and growth in a world full of change is a constant challenge,” he says. “But we remain flexible and invest in different regions to spread risks.”

Quality comes first

For Ben and Intermotive, it’s all about delivering quality. “Logistics is a crucial aspect of our work,” he stresses. “We make sure the cars are delivered to the customer as quickly as possible, but always while maintaining quality.” With his experience and dedication, Ben plays an essential role in Intermotive’s success. And looking to the future, he remains ready for new challenges: “seize opportunities when they arise!”

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