Electric mining vehicle

The electrified version of the Toyota Land Cruiser has been conceived for use in extreme environments and remains a 2WD/4WD vehicle with and without gear reduction – ideal for use in rough terrain, especially in underground mining.

 The e-drive system comprises standard components from leading suppliers, for example, Bosch. These are arranged into a new architecture that best exploits their individual strengths. This is all made possible thanks to the core element of the system, Huber’s innovative control unit, which uses a 32-bit power architecture to extract peak performance from the individual components under ideal thermal conditions. A Heavy-Duty developed 35 kWh battery pack is installed in the brand-new update of the already successful E-Drive Kit.

 It is a solution for improved occupational safety in underground mining: “The vehicle is perfectly matched to the conditions in underground mining.” Uwe Blättermann K+S AG, Scoop Magazine 1/2017. The electric version enables zero-emission driving, enormously improving health protection for employees – especially in mining.


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